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Centrifugal Blowers

Specially designed by the belt - pulley drive or for direct coupling drive, these Centrifugal Blowers are widely used in material handling purpose. Depending on a specific application, it ensures exact pressure, volume, vacuum or horsepower that is required. Integrated with dynamically and statically balanced impellers and rotating parts, these blowers are strictly tested for performance and mechanical run-in.

  • Foundries
  • Mills
  • Chemical plants for material handling purpose
  • Suitable for transferring material such as paper, sawdust and sand

  • Maximum efficiency in performance
  • Extended operational life
  • Can sustain high temperature

  • Volumetric - 100 m3 / hr to 1,000,000 m3 / hr
  • Negative pressure - upto 400 mm water column
  • Power - 1 to 100 hp

Material of Construction
  • Isopthalic, bisphenol, vinylester and epoxy used for FRP moulded & filament wound design
  • PP & HDPE spiral wound


Complete System Concept Acid Fume FRP Scrubber

FRP Acid fume scrubbing system :
Widely used in chemical plant, this type of scrubbing system is made by the combination of packed type scrubber, piping, ducting, centrifugal exhaust blower and stack. In this, stacks of upto 1600 mm diameter can be designed and installed.

Pickling tank with fume scrubbing system :
In this scrubbing system, hoods in the form of canopy or lid type can designed for push-pull type. This system is formed with a combination of pickling tank, scrubbers with hoods.

Composite system for desalination plant :
Designed for specific desalination plants, this system comprises of tanks, piping and pressure vessels.

Composite tripper system for water treatment :
For water treatment plant, this system is effective; operating with a combination of tanks and scrubbers.

Parts :
Centrifugal exhaust blower, gas duct, hoods and stacks comprises the air pollution control system.

  • Chlorine alkali plants
  • Chlorine emergency scrubbing system
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Power plant
  • Dyes and intermediate industries
  • Pickling and metal finishing plants
  • Bromine and bromide
  • Pesticides and fertilizer plants

  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended operational life
  • Reduced pressure drop
  • No channeling or bypassing
  • Reduced tower heights and diameters
  • Blower of capacity : up to 1, 60,000 M3 /Hr
  • Duct size : up to 1500mm diameter
  • Height : up to 30 meters

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