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Fittings & Joints

Pipe Fittings

EPP has lot to offer in its wide product range that stands for quality and durability. Our product line comprises of various kinds of fittings like equal tee, elbow and air valve tee. Other than this, we have also in stock various kinds of joints like joints for GRP and GRE pipes. The joints are also categorized further based on their usage for GRP and GRE pipes.

A complete line of fiberglass fittings including equal tee, elbow, scaur valve tee, air valve tee, flanges, reducers, tail piece and other customized fittings is offered, A complete solution to your piping system, all the fittings are made from high grade fiberglass composite materials in accordance with the highest standards. There is an added product line of corrosion resistant products under which field joints falls, made by using the wet lay-up method with glass and resin wrap.

EPP GRP pipe joints are broadly divided into following two major categories:
  • Joints for GRP Pipes
  • Joints For GRE Pipes


GRP Pipes Joints

Joints for GRP Pipes are the complete solution for assembling work, even in the conditions of hoop pressure and longitudinal forces. An added advantage with these joints is that they offer continuity in hoop and axial directions with lamination according to the specified thickness and width of the pressure class.

  • Domestic and industrial wastewater & sewerage lines
  • Drainage lines
  • Municipal, industrial and agricultural water supply line
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Fire fighting
  • Circulating cooling water pipelines for power and petrochemical industries

  • Can resist hoop pressure and longitudinal forces
  • Prevent damage to the edges of the pipes during assembling
  • 100 % leak - proof joint
  • Provide water - tightness
  • Permanent joint
  • Continuity in hoop and axial directions

Type of joint Size range (mm) End load resistant
Butt and strap joint 300-2800 Yes
RP flange joint 300-1800 Yes
Coupling joint 300-2800 No


Joints For GRE Pipes

Joints for GRE Pipes are available in two forms viz- adhesive based joints and mechanical joints. These joints can retain an elastomeric gasket in the line which will further ensure water-tightness and air-tightness for a smooth flow.

  • Crude oil transmission
  • Petrochemical and refineries
  • Potable water transmission
  • Fire water and fire protection
  • Drainage
  • Sewerage
  • Potable water
  • Brine transmission
  • Effluent
  • Fuel Handling
  • Service condition

  • Rigid joint
  • Adhesive bonded
  • Ensure immobility of joints
  • Give Air tightness and water tightness
  • Allow axial movement
  • Provide easy assembling and disassembling of lines
  • Flat faced

  • up to 400mm and 600mm

Pressure rating
  • 16 bar, 100 bar

  • ANSI and DIN


Key Lock Joint

This type of joint consists of an Integral filament wound socket end and a machined spigot end. The O-ring seal is positioned on the spigot end. The locking key (Polyamide) is inserted through an opening in the socket end. It fits in a circumferential groove on the inner side of the socket end and fits a circumferential groove on the spigot end.

The Key Lock Joint allows for some axial movements as well as a certain angular deflection. Max pressure rating 100 bar. (Depending on the diameter).

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