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FRP Marine Products

For complete safety in sea and river, we present an excellent range of FRP Marine Products. We have in stock products for safe storage of life saving jackets and navigation purpose. The use of glass reinforced and fiber reinforced plastic in these products ensure complete protection from corrosion in highly corrosive environment of seawater. Available in different dimensions and colors, these marine products exhibit long life durability and non color fading properties. These products are made from reinforced plastic which is lighter than any other material, thus ensure optimum buoyancy in water. For specific applications, we can also customize these marine products.


GRP Jackets

We are catering to the requirements of safety in shipbuilding industries with our GRP Jackets Box. Use of glass reinforced plastic in this box makes it highly suitable for use in corrosive environment of seawater. With high strength and corrosion resistance properties, these boxes are available in different dimensions and colors.

  • Insulated sandwich construction
  • Heating system (AISI 316) with thermostat
  • Available with stainless steel hinges and fittings
  • Valve connection inside the cabinet

  • Ships
  • Boats

  • Low weight, only a third of a steel box
  • 100% UV-stability
  • Suited highly corrosive environment in sea water
  • Easy to quick to install

Available in
  • Thickness : approx. 6 mm with re-enforcement for stabilization


EPP Navigational Buoys

EPP Navigational Buoys are the most trusted and reliable support in marine industry. With the use of GRP or FRP in these products, they exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in sea water where they are used for navigational purpose. The buoys are specially made with utmost attention on optimum buoyancy and stability against wind and currents. We also offer navigational buoys with bottom shape for river/gulf application, where there is shallow water depth and high currents.

  • Available in different colors
  • Provided in can or cone shapes

Widely used for navigation purpose by sailors and fishermen in water bodies like:

  • River
  • Sewater
  • Gulf applications

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low color fading
  • Light weight
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Water proof
  • High color stability
  • Rigid and virtually unsinkable

Available in
  • Diameter : 2500 mm and 1300 mm
  • Weight : 2200 kgs and 490 kgs
  • Submergence : 13.0 Kgs/Cm and 72.5Kgs/Cm
  • Anchor weight: 2000 Kgs and 500 Kgs

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