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Industrial Applications

Fiberglass composite is the tested and tried alternative to all the expensive metals in which the risk factor is high. As compared to other metals, fiberglass composite has its own advantages being a lightweight material which is strong and stiff, less brittle and cheap. Today, almost all verticals of industry are adopting fiberglass composite products as it can be more readily molded into complex shapes, thus meeting the diverse application requirements. It's been more than 25 years, since we have been catering these products to diverse industries, keeping in mind their specific working conditions and demands.


Infrastructure, Water & Sanitation

We are big names in the industry involve in manufacturing products that are used in infrastructure, water and sanitation industry. The prefabricated structures manufactured at our facility are compatible with latest international building standards. These products are adaptable with local requirements and also provide insulation against heat and noise.

BulletGRP Pipes BulletFRP Pre Fabricated School
BulletPre-Fabricated Mobile Hostipals BulletPre-Fabricated Pump House
BulletPre-Fabricated Inverter Rooms BulletPortable Site Office
BulletInternal Bunk House BulletFRP Portable Cabins
BulletFRP Portable Toilets BulletFRP Security Booths
BulletFRP Mobile Homes BulletElectrical Boxes
BulletFRP Manholes Covers


Chemical, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

The products that are used in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry have the quality to corrode the vessel these stored in. Thus, requiring the storage vessel that is not prone to corrosion and FRP composite material gives us the opportunity to make vessels which are non-metallic. These products are resistant to corrosion and there is no electro-chemical and inter-granular corrosion mechanisms possible with FRP plastics.

BulletFRP Tanks & Vessels BulletFRP Scrubbers
BulletFRP Process Piping System BulletPickling Tank
BulletFRP Chemical Reactors & Reaction Vessels BulletCooling Towers
BulletFRP Filters BulletFRP Air Pollution Control System
BulletFRP Pultruded Grating BulletFRP Pultruded Walkways, Staircase &        Railings
BulletFRP Cable Trays BulletFRP Pultruded Profiles
BulletFRP Ladders BulletFRP Hose Box
BulletFire Extinguisher Box BulletFRP Blower & Stack



The electrical components are very critical to choose as irregularities in choosing these material can risk lives of many people. The products manufactured using thermoset composite material, which is long lasting and considered as preferred material for designing electrical components such as circuit breakers, switch-gear, standoff insulators and motor brush holders.

BulletSMC Junction Box BulletSMC Meter Box
BulletSMC Distribution Box BulletSMC HTCT Box
BulletSMC LTCT Box BulletSMC HTAMR Box
BulletSMC LTAMR Box BulletAMR
BulletFRP Cable Trays BulletFRP Street Light Pole
BulletFRP Ladders


Oil & Gas, Offshore

The oil, gas and offshore industry require products that are less prone to corrosion as these comes directly in contact with oil and water. The products must have strength to be considered for heavy working conditions.

BulletGRE API 15 LR Pipes BulletGRP Pipes
BulletFRP Pultruded Grating BulletGRP Petroleum Storage Tanks
BulletFRP Cable Trays BulletFRP Pultruded Walkways, Staircase &        Railings
BulletFRP Hose Box BulletFire Extinguisher Box


Building & Construction

With the advent, development and expansion of modern civilization and the scarcity of wood there is a increased demand for the development of new material that is able to replace the wood. The composites formulated in recent times makes such material. Here under are products that we manufacture for Building and Construction industry using qualitative FRP composite material.

BulletFRP Sheets BulletFRP Doors
BulletFRP Pre Fabricated School BulletPre-Fabricated Mobile Hostipals
BulletPre-Fabricated Pump House BulletPre-Fabricated Inverter Rooms
BulletPortable Site Office BulletInternal Bunk House
BulletFRP Portable Cabins BulletFRP Portable Toilets
BulletFRP Security Booths BulletFRP Mobile Homes
BulletBuilding Decorative Profiles


Mass Transportation

The products used in mass transportation industry have to be efficient and can be able to bear strength with greater efficiency. These products have to be economical so that no extra burden of cost will there be on common people. These products provides opportunity to spend more money to offer better services.

BulletInternal Panels for Railways BulletFront Nose Cone
BulletFRP Sheet & Back Rest BulletSMC Automobile Parts


Cooling Tower

We are among the leading firm engaged as manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of extensive variety of FRP Cooling Tower Components. These products are manufactured by utilizing fine grade material, which makes them rust proof and highly resilient. We provide these products under different specifications, hence meeting client's diverse requirements. Our offered products are available to customers at reasonable price tags.

BulletFRP Pultruded Profiles BulletFRP Cladding Sheets
BulletFRP Fan Stack BulletFRP Deck Panels
BulletFRP Pultruded Walkways, Staircase &        Railings BulletGRP Pipes & Headers


Smart City

Owing to the wide experience of this domain, we are instrumental in manufacturing Smart City to our clients. A smart city is an urban growth visualization to incorporate numerous information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in a protected method to handle a city's assets.

BulletToilet Blocks BulletGRP Light Poles
BulletFRP Light Barriers BulletFRP Dustbin
BulletFRP Tree Guard BulletFRP Benches
BulletFRP Manhole Cover BulletPrefabricated School
BulletFRP Bus Stop BulletLED Light Enclosure


Water Treatment Plant

We are one of the reliable companies in this domain and are into manufacturing Water Treatment Plant. Water treatment is a process of making water suitable for its application or returning its natural state.

BulletSewage Water Treatment Plant (STP) BulletIndustrial RO Plant
BulletReverse Osmosis (RO) BulletPackaged Sewage Treatment Plant
BulletEffluent Treatment Plant

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